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Practical tips, ideas and resources for managing your family and home.

Quick Tips To Help With Spring Cleaning

Use your GUTS when it comes to spring cleaning.

  • G - Give it away, if its in wearable or usable condition and your not using it, give it way to someone who will make good use of it.
  • U - Use it, you bought or you got it as a gift, well make good use of it.
  • T - Throw it out, its worn out, broken and beyond repair.
  • S - Storage it, seasonal items should be put away and easily accessible when ready to use.

Some helpful links to complete your spring fever!

Window Decorating - A sewing guide to help you measure and sew window treatments.

Cooking Tips - Great cooking terms and subsitutions.

Home and Garden - Excellent resources to help you this spring.

Links and Books

Links to success:

Books to success:

  • The 15 Minute Money Manager by Bob and Emelie Barnes
  • Creative Home Organizer by Emelie Barnes
  • HomeTips by Patricia Katz
  • The Family Manager by Kathy Peel

I welcome your concerns, critiques, tips and ideas.

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